Station-by-station guide to the 7 Train

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Map key:
GREEN markings indicate 24-hour (full-time) entrance/exit
RED markings indicate part-time (or unmanned) entrance/exit or exit only
indicates elevator location.

Station Guide


Flushing Main Street
Mets-Willets Point


111 Street
103 Street-Corona Plaza
Junction Boulevard

Jackson Heights

90 Street-Elmhurst Avenue
82 Street-Jackson Heights
74 Street-Broadway


69 Street-Fisk Avenue
61 Street-Woodside
52 Street-Lincoln Avenue


46 Street-Bliss
40 Street-Lowery
33 Street-Rawson

Long Island City

Queensboro Plaza
45 Road-Courthouse Square
Hunters Point Avenue
Vernon Boulevard-Jackson Avenue


Grand Central
5 Avenue-Bryant Park
Times Square