R36s at the Movies
Listing of Television programs and films starring R36s

The King of Queens (1998-2007)-#7 is featured on credits and throughout program scenes

NYPD Blue (1993-2005)-#7 at 40 Street/Bliss in opening credits

Queens Supreme (2003)- CBS prime time comedy/drama set at NY State Supreme Court in Long Island City features the 7 at 45 Road/Courthouse Square

7 Train: An Immigrant Journey (2000)-Short documentary follows the lives of four immigrants living and working in Flushing, Corona, Jackson Heights and Woodside along the 7 with interviews and footage. Brief history explains the 7's role in shaping the diversity of Queens (first aired on WNET-PBS)

Spider-Man (2002)-Views along Queens Boulevard viaduct at 42 and 44 Street, 2000 Subway Series cars 9712-13 featured

Death Wish (1974)-R36 WFs in original 1964 turquoise blue on Queens Boulevard in opening credits

Cocktail (1988)-Tom Cruise exits R36 9700 at Vernon-Jackson southbound.

It Could Happen to You (1994)-Nicholas Cage rides the 7. Many scenes along the line and of R33/R36 WF cars.

Kiss of Death (1994)-WH R36 cars near Willets Point.

Mercury Rising (1998)-R36s at Queensboro Plaza

The Yards (2000)-Mark Wahlberg rides a R36 WF in the final shot past 82 Street/Jackson Heights. R36 cars at Queensboro Plaza appear on DVD behind-scenes documentary.

Bomb the System (2005)-7 passes by Phun Factory/5 Pointz south of 45 Road