Nicknames or colloquial terms for rail cars and locomotives

NYCT Subway
IRT 1904 Gibbs: all steels, battleship
IRT Steinway (1915/16): boilers
IRT Steinway World's Fair (1938): WFs, oddball Steinways
BMT A/Bs: Standards, 67 footers, steels
BMT D-types: Triplex
R1-9 IND: Arnine
All R10s through 42s: SMEEs
R10s: Thunderbirds, Artens
R11: $1 million train
R26/28/29/33/36, also rebuilt R30s: Redbirds
R32s: Brightliners, Sigmas (GEs only)
R36 WFs: picture windows, Bluebirds, Blue Arrows
R40s: Slants, shovel noses
R40Ms: modifieds, mods, straight noses
R68s: hippos
R142, R143: New millennium train, also new millennium sh*t

NJ Transit
U34CH: Bluebird
GP40PH-2 (4100-series): CNJ geeps
GP40FH-2: cowled geeps, hippo, warthog, pig, kitbasher, covered wagon
ALP44: meatball, toaster (see AEM7)
Comet I: slider (low door cars)
Comet I-B: comarrow, camaro
Multilevel: multis

MP54: owls, owl eye
M-1: Metropolitan, Budd cars (also M-3)
M-7: bombs, new tech
C-3: Kawasaki bi-levels, new coaches
DE30/DM30: new diesels, money pit

PRR/Penn Central
GG1: The "Gs", Big G, Old Rivets (4800 only)
MP54: old reliable, old guard
MP85: Silverliners (SEPTA), Pioneer (1958 prototype), Jersey Arrow (NJ DOT 1968)

F40PH: Screamers
E60: Flying Brick
B32-8: Pepsi Can
Genesis: gennies
AEM7: meatball, toaster
HHP8: elephant, banana, armadillos, rhinosw
Amfleet: amcan, amtube
Metroliner push-pull cars: Metros
MHCs: boxcars, boxes